Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Harmonic Chaos "Monoliths & Figurines E.P." (2010)

"Monoliths & Figurines" [EP]
(Artwork by Chris Paul)
Release Date:
February 12, 2010



1. Lunar Occupancy
2. A Stalemate Throne
3. Asymptote Convergence
4. The Pickpocket Syndicate
5. Topographic Symmetry

Notes: Monoliths & Figurines was recorded in about 2 hours and contains all improvised, one-take recordings. With only 5 tracks total, this album clocks in at almost 50 minutes, and is the first album recorded for 2010. Almost all acoustic, the album is meant for background music and spacing out. The last track is a collaboration between Ryan Scherer, Mitch Rotunno, and Johnathan Alexander.



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