Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 Harmonic Chaos "DE-173" (2007)

"DE-173" [LP]
(Artwork from Gregory Euclide painting)

Release Date: 2007



1. Rusted Halo
2. Canorous (Dirty Scarab Remix)
3. Sleep Song
4. sevenFOUR
5. Among the Faceless
6. Untitled
7. 3am
8. Under Ocean Deformations
9. DE-173
10. Mausen (live)
11. OPTK
12. et. Nome (as an insurer)
13. +/-
14. In All Its Glory

Notes: DE-173 is a collection of recordings, both live and studio. It has many progressive elements, ambient elements and mathematical elements that give the musical compositions a sense of discomfort, distress, dissonance, distraught, and disassociation; in hopes to create a somewhat musical psychosis. Many of the songs change in time signature to create confusion in the music and gives it an overall sense of lost form. Many of the tracks cross genres, such as the remix of an older track, "Canorous", remixed by Dirty Scarab of Baltimore, MD. some tracks take genres and bring in a new idea from another genre, such as the Math-Hop tracks, "sevenFOUR" and "OPTK", which take breakbeats and mash them with the attention deficit time changes of Math Rock. The theme of confusion and disjointedness of DE-173 is based on a "story" of a historic science project gone wrong and the aftermath of its guinea pigs. The album portrays a reflection of their experience through music rather than words, as words cannot comprehend their story as well as music can.



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