Thursday, November 18, 2010

12 Harmonic Chaos "With Muted Tongues" (2006)

"With Muted Tongues"
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I. Intro (Planeta)
II. Embalmed in Stitched Palms
III. Infested With Hives
IV. Scalpel, Stethoscope
V. The Spores Await
VI. Priapic Psychosis
VII. Terrential Downpours (Gnomic Slurs)
VIII. Metric Scathing
IX. Pulsation
X. Servitude Fondles the Spawning
XI. Mangled Hips and Broken Homes
XII. With Muted Tongues
XIII. Profligate Intake

Notes: With Muted Tongues is an improvised session recorded live at Towson University during the Fall of 2006. Not only was the set improvised, but the players were also improvised. While none of the band members had ever played together, Ryan Scherer, Garrett Long, and Dan Zuckerman were all part of other projects that day and were invited to play together blindly. The three played a 45 minute set and the recording was split into 11 tracks. Later, Dan Zuckerman was invited to play with the Rupa sessions and the twelfth track is a shortened improvisation based on the WMT session. A couple more shows emerged from With Muted Tongues, as Ryan set up shows at Baltimore clubs and invited members of other bands on the bill to join in improvised sets. With Muted Tongues is an attempt to keep a jam session as varied as possible, as members are constantly rotated.



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