Thursday, November 18, 2010

12 Harmonic Chaos "The Residue of A Decomposed Capillary" (2003)

"The Residue of a Decomposed Capillary"
Release Date: 2003


1. Vade Mecum
2. Stargazer
3. The Sting of Miasma
4. Canorous
5. The Arrival
6. Breath of A New Life
7. Prelecaft W.F.
8. Ruins
9. Pieces

Notes: The Residue of a Decomposed Capillary is an attempt to cross mediums of art, to create a synesthesia of artwork. The album idea was conceived in my college dorm room, where I began reinterpreting a poem of mine under the same name. The idea was to create a "soundtrack" to the writings, so that one can understand the mood of how he/she reads the piece. Much like the idea of a binaural effect, the surround sound of several different art perspectives creates this album, not just the music. During the process of this album, I began experimenting with my initial recording techniques, no use of multi-track programs, but comparing waves and mashing them together (a much more tedious process). Much of the album is filled with effects and layers to give each track more color and an overall psychedelic approach. Live, these songs were played with a 12 String Acoustic Guitar, direct input to an array of pedals, and a microphone to the guitar to create a distorted and clean sound at the same time. My hopes were to make the music its own "drug trip", as the album goes through moods, soundscapes, and ambience to give an overall ethereal feel to its listener.


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