Thursday, November 18, 2010

12 Harmonic Chaos "THC For the Ears" (2001)


1. Pieces
2. Boundaries
3. Routes
4. Black Wall
5. Ruins
6. C Jam
7. Hindered
8. Stargazer
9. Canorous
10. Verdant

Notes: THC For the Ears is a collection of improvised songs, ideas, etc. The album is entirely acoustic, some of the work planned, some not planned ("Hindered" ends with a string breaking and sampling the noise for the background of "Verdant"). Many of the songs are written in open tuning, such as Open C, Modal D, Open G, etc. Others were written with a Capo, changing the tuning as well. Some of the tracks were rewritten for Residue, while others remain in the moment of their conception as it may be difficult to rewrite them.

Also, I'm still trying to locate most of the tracks, as they are pretty much lost from my hands.

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